Undefined Error

Created 2015

Undefined error was a side scroller adventure game featuring various levels, bosses, weapons, and alike. All pixel art is original artwork.
Javascript, Phaser Library, Paint.net

Scribble Dash

Created 2011

Scribble dash was a "get as far as you can" side scroller game where the objective was to hop between randomly generated platforms as the screen scrolling rate gradually increased. Scribble dash was featured on several flash game websites and reached over 100,000 plays.
Adobe Flash CS3, ActionScript 3.0

Wifi Mouse

Created 2013

Wifi mouse is an Android app designed to allow you to use your smartphone screen are a mouse replacement for your desktop pc.

QuickWeb API

Created 2015

A PHP API service which allows quick and easy API endpoints to be created for fast data retrieval. This codebase is currently used in production environments serving thousands of requests per day.

Pixel Noise

Created 2016

Heavily modified code provided and demonstrated by YouTube channel ComputerPhile. This code will take an imput image and export wav files.

  • Original code was converted from VB.net to C#
  • Front-end GUI was created with various controls
  • Various bugfixes and performance improvements were applied such as support for large images
  • Added support for square and sawtooth waves in additional to the original sine waveform
Visual Studio, C#


Created 2018

Real time sprite sheet animation tool. This allows rapid development of sprite animations by having a live preview that updates on every source image save. This software also allows you to adjust the number of frames in a particular animation cycle and a preferred framerate